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Map-tech can give you more power, more torque and more economy

Engine Mapping

We can do this by expertly adjusting fuelling, ignition, boost, etc. to enable the engine to perform at its most efficient.

Stand alone / Aftermarket Engine Management Systems

We are able to cater for most leading aftermarket ECUs, such as Emerald, DTA, ECU Masters, Motorsport Electronics, MS2 and MS3 to name but a few.

Stage 2+ Remaps

We are able to offer full custom Stage 2+ remaps including remaps for extensive modifications for certain VW/Audi/Seat and Skoda vehicles as well as BMW and Porsche Models. These full custom maps are created by analysing a full data log of your car on our rolling road.

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What Gains?

Select your make, model and engine to see what improvements to power, torque and fuel economy Map-tech can offer with our custom remaps.

Finance Available

Finance available on purchaces over £350, subject to status and terms and conditions apply. Call us to find out more.

Rolling Road


Map-tech have invested tens of thousands of pounds on the VT/B2 Modular Dynamometer, specially shipped over from Europe. The most advanced double axle dyno in V-Techs range, equipped with two eddy current brakes with total braking torque of 3200 Nm - More than enough to cater for your car. more »

Tuning Products


The Software engineering team at Map-tech pride themselves in producing the best software for your vehicle and your needs. We have years of experience in tuning vehicles and work with some of Europes leading tuners to offer the best software to our customers. more »